College Career Paths             - The Next Step
Every student takes their own unique path toward college education. Our goal is to see your child find their ideal school. Let us help them take the next step towards college acceptance.
Who We Serve

Although all children's needs are different and our plans will be tailored to your child; here we outline examples of our methods based on school year. 

Students Entering High School (Finishing 8th, 9th Grade)

We will work with you and your child to develop a better understanding of the high school curriculum; including course selection in order to maximize their educational and career options.  
We will familiarize freshmen and parents with general information regarding college admission requirements as well as financial aid.

Sophomores and Juniors (10th, 11th Grade)

We will advise you and your child regarding SAT/ACT testing, course selection, extracurricular activities as well as college selection characteristics. 
We will also guide students to broaden their horizons by encouraging them to develop career awareness and exploration along with community volunteering opportunities. 

Seniors (12th Grade)

We will continue to review course selecting, transcript and resume building opportunities with you and your child. 
We will also concentrate on SAT/ACT scores, building a list of colleges, application processes, perfecting essays, letters of recommendation and creating a timeline for each area.

Special Education Students (9th-12th Grade)

Special needs students require individualized attention. We will help you and your child navigate the best path for success. Whether it be 2 year, 4 year or specialized training, we will assist with finding the appropriate educational setting for your child. We will discuss testing accommodations for the SAT's and ACT's to determine the the right path to take.

Our Consultation Plans 

Meetings can take place in our office, your home, local library, on FaceTime, or Skype.
(prices upon request)

Available Services

  • Assisting with College Essays
  • Financial Aid Counseling
  • College Search Guidance
  • College Interview Techniques
  • High School Course Planning  
  • Guidance deciding between ACT / SAT standardized testing
  • Post College Planning  

*All of Our Plans Can be Tailored to you Child's Specific Needs*

Plan 1: Initial Meeting - 2 hours 
(Consultation / Evaluation) @ $150.00

Plan 2:  Extended Counseling                     Set of 3 Meetings (3 hours/each)  @ $600. 

  • Initial Meeting
  • Two Follow Up Meetings

Plan 3:  Flexible Meetings @ $1600.

  • Initial Meeting
  • One Year of Bi-monthly meetings (One Hour each)
  • Phone Correspondence during office hours.
  • Anytime Email Correspondence 

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